- Ingenuously Simple, Simply Genius!

The Clean-Angle®

The revolutionary invention for all tile surfaces in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, specially designed for residential as well as commercial properties. Until today the inner corners where tiles meet have been sealed with grout or silicon. While this is a standard practice in the industry, it has its disadvantage in that after time can cause dirt, leftover soap residue and even mold to to form and grow in corners of these wet zones due to lack of proper water drainage.

Clean-Angle® is available in both stainless steel and pastic. Different colors can be supplied, when quantites ordered are sufficient.


2 pieces per package.


The cost and time associated with your daily cleaning routine can be easily reduced!
Example: A hotel with 60 bathrooms. Time saved with the Clean-Angle® is 1 minute per bathroom. This equals 1 hour of work each day. All this adds up to a sensational 300+ hours saved per year!

An optical improvement and pride in delivering a clean impression.
The pieces fit perfectly in the inner corners, the polished high gloss finish of the stainless steel forms are both elegant and clean at the same time!


The Clean-Angle® is built into the yet to be completed silicon element of the inner corner. The result is a corner that is no longer angled and hard to clean, but a nicely formed rounded area that is easy and quick to wipe down as well as naturally evacuating water that would remain in the corner after use.

When being inserted into existing silicon, the area should be clean, dry and free from dirt, soap and mold residue. Apply a small amount of silicon to the area and push the Clean-Angle® into place, after which you can remove any leftover silicon. It’s that simple!

The result

Ugly unhygienic discoloration that immediately catches the eye of your customer, family or friends and leaves the  impression that everything is not thoroughly sanitized and clean. With the Clean-Angle® the inner corners are turned into an easy to clean rounded form that absorbs less dirt and easy to maintain.

Reduces cleaning work and the care of inside corners to a minimum!