- The better anchor for twin walls

What is an ECA-Lift anchor?

The ECA-Lift®-anchor is the better anchor for twin walls. It consists of a compression element, made out of high resistance fiberglass, connected by a steel wire. The anchor is certified for a payload up to 3.0 tons with a minimum safety factor of three. (Test conducted by Hasselt University – Construction and Engineering Research Group, Belgium in 2018).

As part of our ongoing quality guarantee, the production process is closely monitored given the importance of the anchor to safe and efficient construction operations. The cable and high-strength concrete come with both an Econac and the individual component manufacturer certifications.

Product traceability is assured.

Our standard ECA-Lift®anchor for double wall elements, flexible , easy to install and lightweight!


  • Use of a high resistant fiberglass compression element in connection with a steel wire
  • Anchorage is distributed over the whole length of the steel cable
  • Smaller thermal bridge
  • Guaranteed use of non-organic materials to assure strength (e.g. wood, …)
  • Does not rust due to galvanised cable and glass fiber bar
  • Gradually breaks when overloaded, unlike with a metal rod which can break abruptly (without warning)
  • Flexible installation of the ECA-Lift®, due to the flexibility of the cable
  • Small size when packed on a pallet (ex. 900 pieces of ECA-Lift® on 1 pallet for 150mm), reducing storage place and transport cost
  • Delivering improved efficiency and safety for contractors and the construction industry

PDF folder with lifting guidelines