- The most easy spacer for rebar grid

About Speedies®

This new type of spacer ensures a fast installation in the casting of floors. Approximately 2880 pieces per hour can be placed by one person; delivering about 2400 m² per hour. Because of its unique shape Speedies® can support up to 400kg of weight.

The placing of the Speedies® has no influence on the rebar grid which is subsequently placed and therefore requires no further adjustment / replacing of the spacer. Even a rebar grid of 150x150mm is not a problem. the Speedies®  can be easily dispensed thanks to asteeple of 50 pieces which can be “loaded” into a stick and by a simple operation – pull the handle of the stick – one unit at a time is released. Due to its low weight (100g) it can be easily transported.  One pallet of Speedies® weighs 180 kg and contains 1750 spacers, enough for 1500m².

Discover more on how  easy it is to use Speedies® in our latest video.


Fast and easy installation thanks to a simple tool which can carry 50 pieces at once. One push of the handle and the spacer is inserted, no bending, no walking back and forth to lug heavy concrete blocks or concrete rules. Light weight andeasy transportable in a van.